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BigCommerce: How To Manage The Bundle Type Items?

Optimize Bundle Sales: Mastering Bundle Type Item Management in BigCommerce and Intacct

How To Manage The Bundle Type Items?

Do you sell items on BigCommerce as a pack or bundle? And do you want to sync the orders in Intacct with the actual bundle quantity, not just the order quantity? If yes, then this feature is tailored for you!

Our Item Pack Management option enables you to inform our integration whether your item is a pack or bundle, and if so, what is its size?

How Does It Work?

Let's say you've set up an item, XYZ, as a bundle in our integration with a pack size of 4. If you receive an order for this item with a quantity of 2 in BigCommerce, the system will sync that order in Intacct with a quantity of 8 (4x2).

Not sure how to use it? Contact us at contact@apiworx.com.