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Brightpearl & Bigcommerce - View Inventory Sync Logs

In our BrightConnect Portal, Inventory sync logs are recorded for data synchronized from Brightpearl to BigCommerce. To view these details, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to BrightConnect.

Note: If you don’t have a BrightConnect account yet, you can email us at contact@apiworx.com, and we will respond as soon as possible.

2. On the Dashboard, navigate to "BigCommerce > Inventory Logs" on the left.

In the Inventory Logs, you will find a variety of details, with key information outlined below:

i) Product Name: Shows the name of the product whose inventory was updated or is about to be updated.

ii) SKU: Displays the SKU of the product.

iii) Created At: Indicates the creation date of the product in our BrightConnect portal.

iv) Sync Date: Shows the last sync date and time of the inventory from Brightpearl to BigCommerce for a product.

v) Status: Reveals the sync status from Brightpearl to BigCommerce, with possible statuses including Pending, Updated, and Failed.
    • Pending: Suggests that some settings are not configured or the sync is in progress.
    • Updated: For inventories that have been successfully synced.
    • Failed: For syncs that have not been processed, with reasons provided.

vi) Action: Provides a button to retry the sync in case of any automated sync failures.