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Brightpearl & Bigcommerce - View Order Sync Logs

In our BrightConnect Portal, Order sync logs are recorded for data that is synchronized both ways between BigCommerce and Brightpearl. To view these details, follow these steps:

1. Log in to BrightConnect.

Note: If you don’t have a BrightConnect account yet, you can email us at contact@apiworx.com, and we’ll respond as soon as possible

2. On the Dashboard, navigate to "BigCommerce > Order Logs" on the left.

In the Order Logs, you will find a wealth of details, with key information outlined below:

i) Order Id: Displays the ID of the order that was processed for synchronization.

ii) Created From: Shows the source of the order.

iii) Order Date: Indicates the date when the order was created in our BrightConnect portal.

iv) Updated Date: Shows the most recent update date of the order from either platform. Updates usually include status syncs between platforms.

v) Allocation Status: Indicates whether the order item inventory has been reserved in Brightpearl for shipment processing.

vi) Total: Displays the total sum of the order from BigCommerce or Brightpearl, depending on the order's source.

vii) Sync Status: Shows the sync status from Shopify to Brightpearl, with possible statuses being Pending, Synced, and Failed. 'Pending' usually means that settings are not configured or the sync is in progress. 'Synced' is for successfully synchronized orders, and 'Failed' for syncs that have not been processed due to various reasons.

viii) Payment Status: Indicates the payment creation status for orders synced from BigCommerce to Brightpearl. Clicking on this status will reveal full details, including any reasons for failure.

ix) Action: Provides a button to view full order details, including the reason for failure, if applicable.