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CloConnect - Clover POS & Zoho CRM Integration Guide

Effortless Integration Simplified: Mastering the CloConnect for Seamless Clover POS and Zoho CRM Synchronization

Getting Started

Connecting Your Accounts

What Is CloConnect?

The primary purpose of this integration between Clover POS and ZOHO CRM is to synchronize new customers and orders from Clover to Zoho.

How to Get Started with CloConnect – Clover POS & Zoho CRM Integration:

CloConnect enables you to connect Clover POS and Zoho CRM platforms quickly and without a single line of code. Are you ready to enhance your productivity?

Now, easily manage the accounting of your Clover POS business using our portal to Zoho CRM. Never manually enter orders and customers again.

Get started with CloConnect! It’s quite easy to use.

  1.  Email us at contact@apiworx.com to set up an account for you.
  2. Once your account is created, you'll receive an email with your login details. Log in to the Portal.

Go to the Settings page to configure your integration.

Connect your Clover and Zoho CRM accounts by clicking on the 'Connect Now' button.

On the 'ZOHO CRM SETTINGS' tab, perform some basic mappings to ensure smooth integration. This is a prerequisite for this integration.

With this feature, you can select unique fields between both platforms for data migration during the sync, such as:

  • Clover field: Name, SKU, Product Code).
  • Zoho Field: Product Code & Product Name

For example, Name (Clover) <—-mapped with—> Product Name (Zoho).

The 'Default Subject' is a mandatory field in Zoho CRM. You can set any value to pass there.

Below, on the same page, is the 'SYNCHRONIZATION SETTINGS' option.

'Sync Off' – Users can stop or turn off the sync anytime by switching off the button if any issues or errors are found during data syncing.

Click on the 'Email Notification' tab: Add multiple email addresses to receive notifications in case of any Order/Customer Sync failure.

Now, Your Account Is Up And Ready To Roll.


Here is the Dashboard of CloConnect, which shows a summary of the total counts, including Total orders count on Clover, Zoho, Contact/Customers, and Failed Orders/Contacts.

Data Sync Log:


  • You can identify Orders & Customer sync on both platforms using the 'Sync type – Orders/Customers' filter.
  • Sync Date & Time
  • Sync Type
  • Details/ID
  • Update or new addition
  • Sync status - Success/Failed
  • Failure Reason
  • Manual resync option if any orders fail
  • Action - View order details


  • Sync Date & Time
  • Sync Type
  • Sync Details
  • Operation Type - If newly added/updated
  • Sync status - Success/Failed
  • Failure Reason
  • Manual resync option if any contact fails
  • Action/Details

By clicking on the Action Button of particular orders, you can view details such as the Order ID of Clover & Zoho CRM, among other necessary details.

By selecting 'CUSTOMERS' from Sync Types, you can view customer details. By clicking on the Action Button, you can see complete details as mentioned in the screenshot below.