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Coupa and Brightpearl Integration Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Integrating Coupa and Brightpearl for Enhanced Efficiency and Connectivity

Getting Started

Connect BrightConnect with Your Brightpearl

To integrate Brightpearl with your system, you first need to obtain permission. Follow these simple instructions to connect your personal portal with Brightpearl:

Access General Settings

  1. Navigate to the General Settings of BrightConnect, enter your Brightpearl Account code, and click the "Connect" button.

This will redirect you to the Brightpearl login page (log in if you are not already logged in).

Brightpearl Login

2. Log into Brightpearl with your credentials.

Grant Access

3. Click on “Approve” to allow BrightConnect access to your Brightpearl data.

You’ll be redirected back to BrightConnect’s General Settings page with a success message.

Finalize Connection

4. Click on the second button, as shown below, to complete the connection process.

Once Brightpearl is connected, our system will start retrieving all necessary data from Brightpearl and notify you via email upon completion of the process. To begin, you'll need to configure the sync by going to the Settings page of BrightConnect.

Connect BrightConnect with Coupa

To integrate Coupa with BrightConnect, you first need to obtain permission. Follow these simple instructions to connect your Coupa account:

Obtain API Keys

1. Contact Coupa Support to acquire your API keys, which include From Coupa To Identity, From Identity, Sender Identity, and Sender Shared Secret.

Portal Login

2. Log in to the BrightConnect Portal.

Access API Settings

3. In the left sidebar menu, navigate to “Settings” > “API Settings.”

Enter Coupa API Credentials

4. Enter your Coupa API Credentials and click “Save.”

BrightConnect is now successfully connected with Coupa.

View Order & Invoice Sync Logs Along with Stats in Dashboard

In BrightConnect, the Dashboard displays easy-to-read statistics, alongside Order logs and Invoice logs.

Order Logs 

These logs enable you to view orders that have successfully synced or failed to sync from Coupa to Brightpearl. You can easily re-sync any failed orders directly from these logs.

Invoice Logs

Similar to Order logs, the Invoice logs present the sync status of invoices from Brightpearl to Coupa.

Instructions to Get Started

BrightConnect enables you to seamlessly integrate Brightpearl and Coupa, enhancing your business productivity.

Sync Purchase Orders: Effortlessly sync all Purchase Orders from Coupa to Brightpearl. As a Sales and Invoice Buyer using Brightpearl, our integration also syncs invoices back to Coupa when orders are invoiced.

Setting Up Your Account

Account Setup 

1. Email us at contact@apiworx.com to have an account set up for you.

Account Creation 

2. Once your account is created, you will receive an email with login details. Log into the Portal and navigate to the settings page to configure your integration.

API Connection

3. Access the API settings to connect your Brightpearl account with Coupa.
  • Learn how to obtain Brightpearl API keys and connect them.
  • Learn how to obtain Coupa API keys and connect them.

Coupa Settings in BrightConnect

4. Under the Coupa tab in Settings, set the default values that the system will use while creating Sales in Brightpearl. You also have the option to add default fixed values to your custom Sales fields.

Match Brightpearl Products to Coupa Items

5. Our portal matches Brightpearl products with Coupa items using their unique IDs. Select the corresponding field from both platforms where you store the unique ID of your product/item.

If you're not maintaining Unique IDs between the platforms, no problem! Our BrightConnect app allows you to manually map the products between platforms as well. Click here for more details.

Add Items to Skip List While Syncing Invoice to Coupa

6. During order processing, you may add products/items such as shipping fees, additional sales tax, or other charges. These items are not relevant when invoicing back to Coupa. Use this option to add such items to the SKIP LIST. Items on this list won't be sent back to Coupa during invoice syncing.

Your configuration of BrightConnect to start syncing is now complete! For any questions, please email us at contact@apiworx.com.

How to Map Items Between Platforms

Matching Products Using Unique ID

In Settings, there is an option to match products between platforms using the unique ID. You can select a corresponding field from both platforms where you store the unique ID of your product/item. The system will automatically use this field for mapping the items.

Handling Items Without Unique Keys

If some of your items don't have a unique key, there's no need to worry.
We provide an option to manually map these items according to your requirements.

Item Mapping Page Features

The Item Mapping page allows you to view all items, map them, and update their mappings. It also includes a feature to filter items based on their mapping status.

How to Map Items Between Platforms

Accessing the Customer Mapping Page 

The Customer Mapping page enables us to map customers across different platforms.

Mapping and Editing Customer Information 

This page aids in mapping and editing customer details. It also simplifies the process of creating new customers in Brightpearl, allowing this to be done with just a few clicks and without the need to directly access the Brightpearl app.