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eBay and Brightpearl Integration Guide

Effortlessly Connect eBay and Brightpearl with BrightConnect for Enhanced Productivity and Order Management

Getting Started

Connecting Your Accounts

To integrate Brightpearl, you must first obtain permission. Follow these instructions to link your personal portal with Brightpearl:

  1. Go to the General Settings of BrightConnect, enter your Brightpearl Account code, and click the "Connect" button.

This action will redirect you to the Brightpearl login page (log in if you are not already logged in).

2. Log into Brightpearl with your credentials.

3. Click on "Approve" to grant BrightConnect access to your Brightpearl data.

You will be redirected back to BrightConnect’s General Settings page with a success message.

4. Click the second button, as indicated below, to complete the connection process.


Once Brightpearl is connected, our system will start to fetch all the necessary data from Brightpearl and notify you via email upon completion of the process. To begin, configure the synchronization by going to the Settings page of BrightConnect.

How to Connect eBay with BrightConnect?

To connect your eBay account with Brightpearl, follow these simple and easy steps to link it with our BrightConnect portal:

  1. Log in to BrightConnect.

    Note: If you don’t have an account with BrightConnect yet, you can email us at contact@apiworx.com, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


2. After logging in, you will see a Dashboard. Navigate to the Settings Section and click on the 'API settings' tab, as shown in the screenshot below.

3. On the API Settings page, add your eBay account name.
Note: It's helpful to add a friendly name for your eBay account to avoid confusion in the future. For example, if you have two eBay stores, one for the US and another for the EU, you could name them 'eBay US account' and 'eBay EU account'.

4. Click on the 'Authenticate' button.

After clicking 'Authenticate,' you will be redirected to your eBay account login page.

5. Enter your eBay account email or username and password, then click 'Continue'. 


After logging in, you will be asked to grant permissions. Read the information provided and click on 'I Agree' to connect your eBay account to the BrightConnect Portal.

Congratulations, you have completed all the steps.

Our BrightConnect integration allows you to add multiple eBay accounts simultaneously. If you are selling in multiple eBay Marketplaces and want to connect them to Brightpearl, please reach out to us at contact@apiworx.com.

Instructions to Get Started

In just a matter of minutes and without writing a single line of code, our integration allows you to seamlessly connect Brightpearl and eBay.

Managing refunds/returns from eBay to Brightpearl is now just a few clicks away.

Are you ready to enhance your productivity?

1. Email us at contact@apiworx.com to set up an account for you.

2. Once we create an account for you, you'll receive an email with the login details. Then:

a) Log in to the Portal, and
b) Go to the Settings page to configure your integration.

3. Go to the API settings and connect your Brightpearl and eBay accounts.

For detailed steps on connecting your accounts, please refer to the following pages:

How to Obtain Brightpearl API Keys & Connect Them?

How to Connect eBay with BrightConnect?

4. Navigate to the eBay tab and match Brightpearl products with eBay products.

Our integration offers the flexibility to match Brightpearl products to eBay products directly within the panel. Match the product fields of eBay with those of your Brightpearl account.

  • Select Brightpearl Sales Credit Status during Creation.

Here, you can choose the status you want to be synced to your Brightpearl account for sales credit.

You're all set! The BrightConnect configuration to start the synchronization is completed. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us at contact@apiworx.com.