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ESB: Amazon Vendor Central-Brightpearl View Flow and Logs

View Flow and Logs

Flows: This page enables created modules to facilitate easy synchronization of data between the platforms.

Log: Under the Sync Log, you can review and manage sales order logs. 

The Order Logs provide detailed information, with key aspects highlighted below:

1. Info: Displays the ID of the order that was processed for synchronization.

2. Synced At: Shows the creation date of the order in our ESB portal.

3. Updated At: Indicates the last update date of the order from either platform. Updates usually include status synchronization from one platform to another.

Sync Status:

1. Pending: Indicates that certain settings are not configured or the sync is in progress.

2. Synced: Shows orders that have been successfully synchronized.

3. Failed: Applies to syncs that haven’t been processed due to various reasons.