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Gorgias and Brightpearl Integration Guide

A Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating Gorgias and Brightpearl with APIWORX

Getting Started

Connecting Your Accounts

Start the integration process by logging into the APIWORX connector. 

To connect Gorgias and Brightpearl within APIWORX's Connector, simply follow these instructions:

1. Login: Sign in to the connector using credentials provided by your Implementation Manager.

2. Dashboard Access: Upon logging in, you'll be directed to a dashboard named “Integrations”.

3. Locating Gorgias: Search for Gorgias; you should see a display similar to the image below.

4. Initiate Setup: Click on the 'Setup Integration' button.

5. Integration Name: A pop-up will appear prompting you to enter a friendly name for this integration. Choose a name for easy reference and then click the 'Save' button.

6. Connecting Accounts: You'll be taken to a new page to connect both Gorgias and Brightpearl accounts.

Connecting Gorgias Account in the Connector:

1. Selecting Gorgias Account: Click on the 'Select Account' dropdown and choose 'Add a new Gorgias account'. After selecting it, a new screen will appear.

2. Subdomain Entry: Enter your Gorgias subdomain name. For example, if your Gorgias URL is https://apiworx.gorgias.com, only enter “apiworx” in the subdomain field.

3. Credentials Entry: The next window will ask for your email ID and password. Use the same credentials as your Gorgias account login, ensuring the account has admin access.

4. Finalizing Gorgias Connection
: After entering all details, click 'Save'. Your Gorgias account will then be connected and will appear in the dropdown.

Connecting Brightpearl Account in the Connector:

1. Selecting Brightpearl Account:
In the 'Select Account' dropdown, choose 'Add new Brightpearl Account'. You will be redirected to the Brightpearl account login page.

2. Account ID Entry: Input your Brightpearl Account ID, used for logging in, and click on 'Connect now'.

3. Brightpearl Login: Enter the credentials used for logging into Brightpearl, ensuring the user has full permissions.

4. Approving Connector Access: Click on 'Approve' to allow the Connector access to your Brightpearl data. Your Brightpearl account will then be connected.

5. Completion: Once both accounts are connected to the connector, the setup will resemble the image below.