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Inconnect - Amazon and Intacct Integration Guide

Seamlessly Syncing Amazon with Intacct: A Straightforward Guide to Integrating Your Accounts via InConnect

Getting Started: Connecting Your Accounts

Connect InConnect to Your Amazon Marketplace

By connecting Amazon with InConnect, you'll be able to synchronize your customers, orders, and item information with Intacct.

1. To start, go to the InConnect Portal > Settings > Accounts.

2. Enter the required information to connect your Amazon account.

And that's it! Your Amazon account is now linked.

Connect InConnect with Your Sage Intacct Account

To connect your Sage Intacct account, log in to the InConnect Portal > Settings > Accounts.

Enter the following Intacct credentials to establish the connection:

  • Company ID
  • User ID
  • Password

Click "Save" when you're finished.

Your portal is now successfully linked to Intacct.