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Introduction of Category Filter in the Product Push Module of the ShipBob - Brightpearl Connector

Streamlining Product Management: Introducing a New Category Filter in the ShipBob-Brightpearl Connector

We are excited to enhance our ShipBob - Brightpearl connector with the introduction of a category filter. This new feature allows users to selectively push products into ShipBob based on specific categories.


Quick Points/Questions:

  • No Disruption: This improvement will not impact your current setup. It serves as an additional filter for your convenience.
  • Default Behavior: If no category is defined in the filter, all Brightpearl products will automatically be pushed into ShipBob.
  • Downtime: No downtime is expected during this update.


Note: Development is currently underway, and we aim to complete it by the beginning of next week. We plan to deploy it to the production environment by Wednesday, November 28, 2023.