New Feature : Adding the Unit price with the Purchase Order Sync

We've got a great announcement to share. We are live with the new feature adding the Unit price with the Purchase Order Sync.

Unit Price= (SubTotal+SubTotalTax)/Iine Qty

Attached Screenshot(without PO Cost pricing) for the reference

As we have informed earlier while pushing a Purchase order from Brightpearl to Infoplus, the price was not pushed.


Reason for the update: Previously, the item cost was displayed as 0 in the Purchase Order receiving (Infoplus to Brightpearl) . This posed potential long-term challenges. With our updated feature, items will now be received in Brightpearl with the correct unit price and quantity.

We have mapped the BP unit price with the Infoplus cost field.


Note: We have pushed this feature live today , Monday, Dated: 08/01/2024 at 8:00 a.m. UTC.