New Feature : Infoplus 3PL Carrier Mapping with Brightpearl Shipment Method


We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new feature integration between Infoplus and Brightpearl, aimed at enhancing our logistics and shipment capabilities. This feature introduces automated carrier mapping between the Brightpearl shipment method and the Infoplus 3PL carrier name.


Key Feature Details:

  • Automatic Matching: The new feature will automatically map the shipment method names in Brightpearl with the corresponding carrier names in Infoplus.

  • Exact Name Matching Required: For the mapping to be successful, the names in both systems must match exactly. If no exact match is found, the default shipment method will be utilized.

  • Efficiency Improvement: This mapping aims to streamline our logistics operations, reduce manual entry errors, and speed up the shipment process.


How does this feature work?

  • We have mapped the Brightpearl shipment method to the Infoplus third-party "Carrier" account name. Attached is the screenshot of the connector setting for your reference.


  • This mapping will function properly only if the Brightpearl shipment method name is an exact match with the Infoplus third-party "Carrier." If there is no match, it will synchronize with the default shipment method mapping specified in the connector.




Go-Live Schedule:

  • Date: Tuesday, 14th May 2024
  • Time: 5:30 AM UTC

We recommend that all relevant team members review their current settings to ensure that the shipment method names in Brightpearl exactly match those in Infoplus to fully benefit from this new capability.

Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to the positive impacts this will have on our operations.