Sage Brightpearl Multi Message API Incident

Addressing the Brightpearl API Disruption: Sage Brightpearl's Response to the Multi Message Feature Issue

Yesterday at 16:00 UTC, our internal systems detected an issue with accessing Brightpearl's API. Sage Brightpearl provided the following communication:

ISSUE: Between 15:15 UTC on April 25th and 08:19 UTC on April 26th, Brightpearl's gateway multi-message feature was non-functional, resulting in failed requests using multi-message.

This issue was caused by a code change related to an edge case. It has underscored the necessity for enhanced automated testing and a review of the thresholds for generating alerts.

Affected Regions: North America (Brightpearl) and Europe (Brightpearl).

Source: Sage Status Incident Report

For further information on this incident, please contact us at

Wednesday, April 26, 2023