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ShipHero and Brightpearl Integration Guide

Your Comprehensive Guide to Integrating ShipHero with Brightpearl through BrightConnect

BrightConnect enables you to connect Brightpearl with Shiphero, significantly boosting your productivity. Seamlessly synchronize orders from Brightpearl to Shiphero and retrieve tracking information from Shiphero back to Brightpearl.

Getting Started: Connecting Your Accounts

1. Register by entering basic details such as Name, Email, and Password to set up an account. (Please bookmark the Login Link.)

2. After registration, connect Brightpearl by entering your Account code/ID and clicking the 'Connect' button.

For instructions on connecting Brightpearl with BrightConnect, see here.

3. Click the 'Next' button and connect Shiphero by entering your Shiphero account Username and Password.

4. Once connected, click the 'Go to Dashboard' button. You have now completed the initial registration process and will be redirected to the Dashboard. 

The Dashboard will display an alert indicating that the initial product and other data synchronization is in progress. Once completed, you will receive an email notification inviting you to return to our portal and start the configuration process.

5. Upon receiving the email, please go to the Sync Configuration page to enable the synchronization of Orders. Enter a start date and time from which the system will begin retrieving order data. For full details, see here.

After completing the above process, you can review the synchronization status of data on the Logs pages within BrightConnect. For comprehensive details on Logs, see here.

Our system sends a detailed email report daily, which provides a summary of how much data has been successfully synced and which data failed to sync, along with the reasons for any failures.

How to Configure Synchronization for Shiphero and Brightpearl Connector?

The Sync Configuration page allows you to control and manage the synchronization of order data between Shiphero and Brightpearl.

1. Access the Sync Configuration page.

2. (Order Sync Management): Enable or disable the synchronization of orders from Brightpearl to Shiphero and the shipment sync from Shiphero back to Brightpearl.

Once enabled:

a) Enter a Go-Live Date & Time from which the system will start fetching Goods Out Notes from Brightpearl and initiate the syncing process.

b) Map the Warehouses from Brightpearl to the corresponding Warehouses in Shiphero. Leave any mappings that are irrelevant.

You have now completed the configuration process.

At the bottom of the page, there is an option to refresh the Shipping Method data from Brightpearl in our system if needed (for example, if a new shipping method was recently added to Brightpearl). This record of shipping methods helps map the shipping method between platforms during the data sync process.

Viewing Order and Shipment Sync Logs

To review the Order and Shipment logs synchronized between Brightpearl and Shiphero, follow these steps:

1. Log in to BrightConnect's Shiphero.

Note: If you do not have an account with BrightConnect's Shiphero, you can create one by clicking the 'Register' button.

2. Upon accessing the Dashboard, navigate to the 'Sync logs' in the left menu and click on it.

In the Sync Logs, you will find various details, with the primary ones listed below:

i) Order #: This column displays the ID of the Brightpearl Order Customer reference that was processed for syncing.
ii) Total: Shows the total amount of the Brightpearl Sales Order.

iii) Inserted at: Indicates the creation date of the Goods Out Note in our BrightConnect portal.

iv) Synced at: Displays the date and time when the order was actually synced to Shiphero.
v) Order Status: Shows the sync status of the Order (Goods Out Note) from Brightpearl to Shiphero. The statuses include 'Pending', 'Synced', and 'Failed'. 'Pending' indicates that certain settings are not configured or the sync is in progress. 'Synced' refers to successful synchronization, and 'Failed' denotes unsuccessful sync attempts, typically with reasons provided.
vi) Shipping Method: This column presents the shipping method data passed to Shiphero along with the order.

vii) Shipment Status: Displays the Shipment Status from Shiphero back to Brightpearl. 'Synced' means the shipment has been synced back for the particular Order (Goods Out Note) to Brightpearl from Shiphero. If it is blank, the system is still waiting for the shipment to be created in Shiphero.

viii) Action: Includes a button that allows you to view full order details, including reasons for sync failures if any.