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Shopify View Order Edit Sync Logs

A Guide to Tracking and Managing Edits from Brightpearl to Shopify in BrightConnect

In our BrightConnect Portal, the logs for Order edits, which are synced from Brightpearl to Shopify, are recorded.

To check the details, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to BrightConnect.

Note: If you don’t yet have an account with BrightConnect, you can email us at contact@apiworx.com, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

2. Upon accessing the Dashboard, navigate to 'Shopify > Shopify Order logs' on the left side.

In the Order Edit Logs, you will find detailed information, including the following key details:


i. BP Order Id: This column displays the Brightpearl Order ID where the edit was triggered to sync to Shopify.

ii. Shopify Order Id: Shows the Shopify Order ID that was updated from Brightpearl.

iii. Customer: Indicates the name of the customer associated with the order.

iv. Order Date: Displays the original date of order creation.

v. Updated Date: Shows the date when the order edits from Brightpearl were synced to Shopify.

vi. Total: Presents the total price of the order from Brightpearl.

vii. Status: Indicates the sync status from Shopify to Brightpearl, with three potential statuses

    • Pending - typically means some settings are not configured or the sync is in progress.
    • Synced - denotes successful synchronization
    • Failed - refers to sync attempts that were not processed due to various reasons.

vii. Retry: This column includes a button to retry the sync of order edits in case of any failure in the automated sync process.

viii. Action: Contains a button that allows you to view full details of the edited order. In case of sync failure, this section also provides the reason for the failure.