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Work With BrightConnect’s Shopify Settings

Configuring BrightConnect for Optimal Shopify and Brightpearl Integration

The Shopify settings page allows you to initially configure and update the connection between Brightpearl and Shopify for data synchronization.

Tab 1 – Products Tab:

Enable synchronization of Product fields from Shopify to Brightpearl. Additionally, you can choose which fields will be imported once to Brightpearl and which will be regularly updated with any changes in Shopify.

Select the frequency of New Product synchronization, which can be set to 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, or even up to once a week.

Note: Our system does not support the creation of products in Brightpearl directly from Shopify. Instead, it identifies New Products in Shopify and searches for corresponding products in Brightpearl by matching SKUs to update the fields. Therefore, the settings mentioned above are for updating products in Brightpearl that have been newly created by Brightpearl’s native connector for Shopify. For more information on importing new products, refer to the guide on using Brightpearl’s Shopify Connector.

Exclude certain products from syncing to Brightpearl by selecting their Product Type. This option allows you to prevent a group of products from syncing by selecting a specific product type.

Select a custom field or description in Brightpearl where the Image URLs from Shopify will be synced. 

Brightpearl API doesn't support direct image syncing; this feature maintains image records by syncing them to your chosen custom field or description.

Set up mapping between your Custom Fields in Shopify (using any Metafield add-on app for Shopify) and corresponding fields in Brightpearl.

Note: This also supports the creation and linking of Warehouse Locations to Products in Brightpearl, if you map a custom field in Shopify containing location data to the Location field in Brightpearl. 

If you need to map a Brightpearl field not currently available, please let us know at contact@apiworx.com, and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Tab 2 – Orders Tab

Enable regular synchronization of Order notes from Shopify to Brightpearl.

This feature enables users to synchronize Shopify order notes with Brightpearl whenever updates occur. Users have the option to select a custom field in Brightpearl where data from Shopify's order notes will be synced.

Note: This functionality works in conjunction with Brightpearl's native Shopify connector. Once the connector creates a sale in Brightpearl, our automation syncs the notes to the mapped field in Brightpearl and continues to sync updates from Shopify.

You have now completed the BrightConnect configuration for synchronization.